Sunday, January 17, 2016

BioLite Camp Stove for Outdoor Enthusiasts

BioLite Camp Stove for Outdoor Enthusiasts
The camp stove from BioLite is one of the most-loved outdoor gadgets in the new year.
If you look at the benefits, this is no surprise.
  • Cost efficient. Definitely, a big pro is that you don't need to spend money on fuel (and carry it around in your pack). You also don't have to worry about finding the right fuel canisters at your favorite retailer.
  • Good for the environment. This is a wood burning stove. All you need to operate the stove are some twigs. Twigs are a renewable energy source and almost everywhere easy to come by. Since you are not burning petroleum, you're helping to reduce the carbon footprint. Last but not least, you don't have to carry fuel canisters in your backpack.
  • Lightweight and small. The camp stove weighs only about 2 lbs. It has approximately the size of a 1 liter Nalgene bottle.
  • Easy to use. With the help of an internal starter battery, the stove is easy to light up. 
  • Fast and efficient. Once the stove burns at full blast, a liter of water boils in less than 5 minutes. That pretty good I'd say!
  • Built-in USB charger. OK, now to the techie stuff. BioLite's patented, thermoelectric technology  turns the heat produced by the stove into electricity. The built-in USB port enables you to charge small devices like a cell phone or a flashlight etc.
Many campers and outdoor enthusiasts already love this stove. Many more will follow.
But let's take this one step further.
What happens when disaster strikes? Imagine a winter storm downs a tree and you have to deal with a power outage. 
In situations like this, the BioLite stove could prove to be a valuable piece of equipment. You can cook a hot meal, tea or coffee while being able to charge your smartphone, GPS etc. 
This could be life-saving!
I will definitely consider this stove for my Emergency Preparedness Kit. Will you too?

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