Friday, February 10, 2012

Wingsuite Base Jumping

Wingsuite Base Jumping from The Eiger

Thought men can't fly? Think twice. Their wings? Squirrel suites, wing suites, bat suites or bird suites. That's the latest 'fashion' for base jumpers, designed to add more surface area to the human body and therefore increasing the needed lift to fly. This is typically achieved by adding special fabric between the legs and under the arms.

The following 3-minute wing-suite base jumping video below has been shot back in 2009 in aid of Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion.

The guys are jumping of the Eiger in the Swiss Alps. Enjoy the adventure!

What an exciting jump! Here are some resources you might be interested in:

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Brenda Nelson said...

I always thought bungie jumping would be one of the last sports I would ever engage in, and then they come up with something even more crazy than bungie jumping. Call me a total chicken but no way would I do this. I am not ashamed to be a chicken. Ya sure I guess it looks cool and fun, but some things are too extreme, and I am too much of a control freak. Thanks for this blog post though, I was trying to figure out what the suits were called, somebody told me they were called flying squirrel suits but I think wing suit is probably right. Thanks good blog.

Erich A. said...

Thanks for your comment Brenda. No reason to be ashamed to be a chicken. While some BASE jumpers are adrenalin junkies, the guys in the video knew obviously exactly what they were doing. Wing suite BASE jumping is definitely not an everyday sport.

Bet 365 said...

I really want to try base jumping. I want the adrenalin rush and feel like a bird flying in the edge of the mountain. Nice video also. Thanks for sharing.

camping tents said...

Is this really safe? Where can I train? This is amazing. This tops my to do list before I will grow old. Thanks!

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