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Yellowstone Hiking

Yellowstone Hiking
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Yellowstone National Park has over 1100 miles (1800 km) of blazed and mapped hiking trails. Some of them have been used for hundreds of years. Several of these Yellowstone hiking trails were the sites of historical events.

Yellowstone hiking trails are known for various geysers, hot springs and other geothermal features. Hikers will have many opportunities for viewing bald eagles, ospreys, grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, Coyotes, Bighorn Sheep, pronghorn antelope and free-ranging herds of bison and elk.

With fresh air in the lungs and boots on your feet hike along...

Beaver Ponds
One of Yellowstone's shorter loop trails then wanders through both meadows and forest. Black bears and Wild Flowers usually dominate the flora and fauna of this part of the world.

Fairy Falls
197-foot Fairy Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in Yellowstone, The longest and most scenic route starts at the Fountain Flat Drive barricade.

Grebe Lake
A trail used mainly by fishermen and backpackers, the trail goes to Grebe Lake, which make up the headwaters of the Gibbon River system. Deer and moose are oftentimes spotted along the trail and at the Lake.

Grizzly Lake
Starting out in a meadow, then climbing 250 feet up a ridge and traveling through burned forest, the route offers excellent views of Mount Holmes and the Gallatin Range.

Lost Lake
An easy trail, which starts behind Roosevelt Lodge (Tower Junction) then, goes into the forested hillside, coming to a fork, going westwards to the Lost Lake which is about a quarter of a mile away.

Monument Geyser Basin
This is short but steep hike, where you can see the stunning view of Elk Park meadow and the wandering Gibbon River leading to Monument Geyser Basin, a small geyser basin.

Osprey Falls
Whether you start south of Bunsen Peak on the Bunsen Peak road or north of Bunsen Peak on the other end, you will be traveling about three miles along the road to reach the breathtaking Osprey Falls Trail.

Specimen Ridge
This trail takes us to the lip of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone at the one-mile point, then to east reaching the top of 9614-feet Amethyst Mountain.

Storm Point
This Yellowstone hiking trail offers a good view of Yellowstone Lake, off the beaten path.
Start from the Indian Pond parking area, then drops into the tree line until you reach Storm Point.

Yellowstone River
Starts at the Yellowstone River Picnic Area and rises up to the eastern lip of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. There are some spectacular views of the Canyon and River from this trail.

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