Saturday, March 01, 2008

Winter Camping

Winter Camping

Did you ever think about camping out in snow and cold? You should. Winter camping is not only fun, it can be – if done the right way – a real adventure and an experience that you won't miss anymore. And there are no bugs ;-)

My first winter camping trip dates back when I was approximately 15 years old. I made every mistake in the book. However, that didn’t keep me from trying again and I learned through trial and error what it takes to make winter camping a great experience. I can’t remember any winter since where I didn’t pitch my tent in the snow, sometimes on a lonely summit often deep in the woods, sometimes sleeping in snow caves or just in a bivvy bag.

First, I had the idea to write up a list of tips on how to prepare you for a night out in the woods or on a mountain when I received an email from fellow winter camper Jim Muller, who runs As the name suggests, Jim dedicated his site to winter camping. If you’re playing with the thought of trying it out I highly recommend checking out his Web site.

You’ll find a wealth of information, such as:
  • Winter camping gear lists
  • The 10 essentials
  • Tons of related articles
  • Tips on how to prepare your trip
  • And much more…

Here’s the link:
Let me know what you think!