Monday, June 11, 2007

One Man's Wilderness

When I lived in Austria I had rented a small log cabin in the mountains. Even though not considered as a wilderness area, it was located on a pretty remote place in the eastern Alps. In my ‘best’ year I spent 120 (!) days on the cabin throughout the year and this while running my sales agency full time.

The cabin measured only 6 x 4 meters and was equipped with a simple woodstove. There was no electricity; the water came from a small creek with the tendency to dry out during the summer. The only ‘luxury’ was a gas lantern since I read a lot and didn’t want to ruin my eyesight.

The simple cabin-life has something very special and whenever I come across literature about that topic it draws my attention.

One Man's Wilderness - An Alaskan Odyssey by Sam Keith and Richard Proeneke (1973) is such a book. In 1968 Richard ‘Dick’ Proeneke – 50 years old at that time – retired to live his dream. His dream was to live alone in the Alaskan wilderness.

Dick took action. He went out in the bush to find a spot for his cabin and to acquire the necessary skill to build the log cabin using natural resources. During the eighteen months of construction, he chronicled his progress in a journal, took pictures and videos not only of the cabin but also the land as well as observations of flora and fauna.

Sam Keith, a friend of Richard compiled the journals into the book in 1973. If you’re interested in the wilderness living, or maybe even carry that dream inside yourself too, you will enjoy the book, a really good read. If you’re interested in purchasing the book at Amazon, you can do so by clicking here: One Man's Wilderness - An Alaskan Odyssey or the image below.