Friday, February 02, 2007

Snowshoeing and Bear Attacks

If you plan snowshoeing trips in the bear country watch out!

We live in bear country and snowshoeing is one of our favorite winter activities. Often we leave the beaten path on our trips to discover hidden treasures of the Canadian backcountry.

During the winter months, we never expect to encounter any bears, but we wondered what would happen if we would stumble over a den and wake up a bear from hibernation. Well, so far we’ve been lucky and never had any troubles.

However, two Canadian forestry surveyors from the Alberta Sustainable Resource Development were less fortunate. They were on a trip to collect data on trees contaminated with mountain pine beetles as they walked with their snowshoes over an unknown grizzly den, covered by brush and snow.

The grizzly attacked and mauled both the man and the women. Both suffered injuries. The woman could manage to escape to a close by hill and radio for help. They were picked up by a helicopter shortly after the accident and flown to the hospital where they received surgery.

Looks like a happy end for the two snowshoers. How about the bear? I guess there’ll be no happy ending for him. Fish and Wildlife agents are already looking for him…

Thanks to "tmfgroup" for the grizzly image.