Monday, October 23, 2006

BASE Jumping

BASE Jumping Pioneer Dies - Parachute failed to open

Brian Lee Schubert a retired Pomona, CA police officer, was the first man to jump from the famous El Capitan in Yosemite Valley in California, an almost 3,000-foot high rock formation.

As reported by the Associated Press, BASE jumping pioneer Schubert died when jumping from the world’s second largest single span bridge during West Virginia’s Annual Bridge Day, a BASE jumping event.

The event said to draw up to 150,000 spectators this year watched Schubert jump, but his chute opened too late – only approximately 25 feet above the river.

What is BASE jumping?

The “BASE” in BASE jumping is an acronym. It stands for the four locations a BASE jumper must leap from before he can actually call himself a BASE jumper:
  • Building
  • Antenna
  • Span (bridge)
  • Earth (i.e., a cliff)
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