Thursday, September 14, 2006

North Carolina Hiking

North Carolina Hiking

Do you live in North Carolina, WNC or anywhere nearby?
Do you also love hiking in North Carolina in the fall without bugs and enjoy the fall foliage instead? Then the following article by Caren Chavéz is for you. You’ll find information on hiking trails such as *)
  • Coontree Loop Trail (2hours, 3.7 miles round trip)
  • Boogerman Trail (6.7 miles round trip)
  • Devil's Courthouse Hike (1-mile round trip)
  • Skyline-Cliff Trail (1.5-mile round trip)
  • Shining Rock Trail (7 miles round-trip, 7 hours)
  • Hickory Nut Falls Trail (1.5-mile round trip)
  • Cold Mountain summit trail via the Art Loeb Trail (10.5 miles round-trip, 7 hours)

Additional recommended resources:

*) Update 2016-1-27: The article by Caren Chavéz has been removed by the Citizen-Times, therefore I removed the dead link as well.