Thursday, August 17, 2006

Superstition Mountains

Planning a hike in the Superstition Mountains? Then better be prepared.

Today I present an article by Chris Vásquez, Pinal County sheriff and coordinator for two search and rescue groups in the Pinal County area which includes the Superstition Mountains. Chris talks about what it takes to hike safely in the desert. He gives tips on necessary equipment, route finding and how to master the challenge of a desert hike in general.

Vásquez says "Any time that you go on a hike, whether it's a short half-hour trek on a well-known trail or a multiple-day backpacking trip into the wilderness, you should always have the following 10 essential items with you. You never know what's going to happen or what you may need. Most important: know how to use the gear you'll carry!"

Follow this link to read the full article "Know your limitations when hiking Pinal". (Update 2016-03-28: the article has been removed by the publisher, therefore we removed the dead link as well).

And here's a useful list of 10 hiking essentials recommended by the Superstition Search & Rescue Group.