Monday, August 21, 2006

1 Million $ for Canadian Environment

Nature Canada announced at its annual meeting in Red Deer, Alberta two significant contribution agreements signed with Rona Ambrose, Minister of Environment and responsible for the Parks Canada Agency.
The total amount of these contributions was more than one million dollars.
The money is supposed to support an on-the-ground investigation by Nature Canada as to how to best develop a comprehensive nature network – bringing together naturalists, conservation organizations and land trust from across Canada.
Minister Ambrose said:
"We are interested in real, tangible results for Canadians and for our environment. The Government of Canada's contribution announcement today will go a long way towards making our shared conservation goals a reality, and I am excited about working with Nature Canada on this important endeavor. I am also pleased to announce that today's announcement is a joint initiative between Environment Canada and the Parks Canada Agency.”
Parks Canada is responsible for the ecological integrity of Canada's national parks, the sustainable use of national marine conservation areas and the commemorative integrity of national historic sites. It is also responsible for public education opportunities and meaningful visitor experiences.
Environment Canada is responsible for the administration and implementation of the Species at Risk Act, an important tool for the conservation and protection of species at risk. Both Environment Canada and the Agency depend on strong alliances such as the one we are announcing today to accomplish this important work.
Over 14 months, there will be a participatory process of exploration, identification and assessment of current activities of over 360 local and provincial nature groups across Canada, as well as consultation with national conservation organizations and provincial land trusts on the development of a national alliance on conservation.
At the end of this process, a strategic plan will be developed outlining how a Canadian Nature Network could effectively engage the conservation community in the long-term to participate in policy discussions on important national issues and implement nature conservation priorities on the ground.
Nature Canada, formerly known as the Canadian Nature Federation, is a large environmental non-governmental organization that works to conserve and protect Canada's natural diversity of plant and animal species and their environment.
(Source: Government of Canada – News Releases)