Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Last Season - New Book

This brand new book, published only a few days ago, is a must for all outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness lovers, especially if you enjoyed Jon Krakauers 'Into the Wild' and 'Into Thin Air'.

The story is about a ranger in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, James Randall Morgenson.
He spent numberous seasons there and knew the mountains better than most other people. But there was a mysterious aura around him that many couldn't understand, not even his wife.

The author, Eric Blehm, took 9 years to research the life of ranger Morgenson. At one point he was even part of a rescue mission that searched for Morgenson after his disappearance.

Nobody knows what happened to Morgenson after he went out on patrol in the mountains one day and never came back.

The author does a great job in describing the life of Morgenson, based on his journals and interviews with other rangers.

You will definitely love this book!

Grab a copy of The Last Season now at Amazon!