Friday, February 10, 2006

First Aid Kit

Last week we had a little accident at home.

My wife Gina was cutting vegetables with a sharp kitchen knife. Actually, she didn't only cut veggies but also the tip of her index finger.

Even it was just a minor wound, it was bleeding a lot. Gina called me for "rescue".

I checked the first aid kit we store in the bathroom for band aids. Unfortunately there wasn't the right size. So what to do? I rushed down in the basement where I store all my outdoor equipment in big plastic boxes. Of course my stuff includes a pretty decent first aid kit for our outdoor trips (I was volunteer with my black Lab "Bucky" at an Austrian search and rescue organization).

I knew there I would find the right size of band aids and I did. But then the surprise! The adhesive wasn't good anymore, just didn't want to stick on Gina's finger.

Actually it's normal that after a certain amount of time stuff gets bad. Even in a first aid kit. Thinking of the cold in the winter, the heat in the summer I'm not surprised.

So what's the "moral" of that story?

Go check your first aid kit on a regular basis. If you have medication in it, check the expiration date. Exchange it if necessary. Check if tapes or band aids are still good. Get new ones if they aren't.

We all know that most of the time we won't need the first aid kit on our trips. But when it happens - even if it's just a little cut on the index finger - it's good to be prepared.