Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Snowshoeing in Maine

Path Of Least Resistance
`The Moose Will Show You The Way' When Snowshoeing Through Maine's Wilderness, But A Guide Is A Good Idea, Too

BY STEVE GRANT, The Hartford Courant

RANGELEY, MAINE -- Perhaps six miles outside of town, we left the paved surface and turned onto a dirt road thickly covered with packed snow and ice. For five miles, we bounced along in a four-wheel-drive pick-up, seeing but one other vehicle before we pulled to a stop.

A little wooden sign said, "West Kennebago Spur," where the remains of an old logging road, now becoming overgrown, ascended and disappeared into the forest. It would serve nicely as an access-point to even wilder country beyond.

We would spend a good part of the day snowshoeing in the rugged western Maine mountains, and leading the way was a registered Maine guide.