Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bigfoot Fever in Malaysia

As reported by the Associated Press there was another Bigfoot sighting. This time in the jungles of southern Malaysia. A search began after the sighting of three giant human-like Bigfoot.

The sightings of two adult and one young Bigfoot occurred in Endau Rompin, a 800 square-kilometre National Park in Johor. Wildlife authorities may now set up cameras to see if these creatures really exist.

Fish farm workers who saw the Bigfoot family alerted their employer who took photos of 45 centimetre footprints. Brown hair, smelling of body odour, was also recovered. Broken branches indicated that the beasts were some three meters tall.

Obviously there were Bigfoot sightings in this area since decades. But officials never took them seriously due to lack of evidence.

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