Sunday, December 11, 2005

Bird Watching

This Winter, Provide Water For The Birds


Even the most novice bird watcher places a bird feeder out in winter, what strikes me, is the number of experienced bird watchers who do not provide water for the birds during winter.

The energy expanded looking for a fresh water source could be better used for staying well and surviving the winter.

All wildlife needs water, Summer or Winter.

Birds, like humans, need water all year. By investing in a heated bird bath or by adding a bird bath heater to your existing bird bath,
you'll be providing the greatest resource birds need in order to survive.

Bird bath heaters are usually available wherever bird feeding supplies are offered. Check local hardware stores, large discount stores, and online.

Heated bird bird baths are most commonly found on-line. These are complete bird baths with the heater built into the bath.

When using either of these types, make sure your power source is safe. If you are unsure, hire an electrician to check it out or to install a GFCI outlet on the outside of your house. These types of outlets provide
safety for outdoor bird baths and any other electrical tools used in the yard.

Place your heated bird bath near your feeders for easier viewing. Even birds that
don't normally visit your feeders will visit your bird bath. All backyard birds need water. Also, when placing your bath, make sure there is cover for the birds. Water on the feathers make birds easy targets for prey.

Do not place the bird bath too close to cover, otherwise cats can hide and attack the birds more easily, a few yards will be adequate.

The recommended type of bird bath, is the pedestal style. These give the birds more security by being 2 or more feet above ground. This height allows birds to view their surroundings and any would be predators. Any bird bath can be used.

By providing water for birds this winter, you'll not only be providing a service to our winter birds, but
you'll have a greater diversity of birds and more of them to watch. And...

Isn't that what makes bird watching so much fun? Offers bird watching information on common North American backyard birds. Visit to learn about your favorite birds.