Friday, December 02, 2005

Backpacking Australia

Planning a backpacking trip to Austraila? Then think twice if you want to watch this movie...

A while ago a reported about the upcoming movie "Wolf Creek" on my web site (in the News section).

Here's an excellent update.

Daniel Bernardi's movie review:

Wolf Creek

There is a very common dream that many people (including myself) have had where something terrifying is happening to them, they go to scream and nothing comes out. No noise at all! Well it seems that mine and other peoples worst nightmares have been realized and recreated in “Wolf Creek”, because if you scream in this film the sound exists but no one is there to hear it. If your screams are not met by human ears, does this mean the situation is not real because no one else can attest to it? Not at all! “Wolf Creek” is a seminal Aussie horror film in a time where the word seminal is only used to describe legends or great achievements of the past.

“Wolf Creek” is the story of three carefree backpackers who are making their way around Australia. Australian, Ben (Nathan Phillips) and two British female friends Kristy (Kestie Morassi) and Liz (Cassandra Magrath), who appear to have made each others acquaintance not so long prior to their road trip. The three of them set out to travel all over the countryside, but it is Ben who has the idea to stop by “Wolf Creek” on the way to see a crater made by a meteorite. Both Ben and Kristy’s watches stop, then their car won’t start and they accept some help from a friendly stranger Mick (John Jarratt). Their worst nightmares could have never come close to the brutal reality that would soon greet them. >> Read full review >>