Monday, November 07, 2005

Grand Canyon Hiking

Hiking Grand Canyon has ups and downs
ADVENTURE TRAVEL: Take plenty of time and plenty of water before you attempt it

Tom Uhlenbrock
Knight Ridder

So, you want to hike the Grand Canyon? No problem. Just take plenty of water and plenty of time.

My first hike to the bottom of the canyon was a mistake. I carried all my food and camping gear and discovered, while soaking my weary feet in Bright Angel Creek, that a mule would have carted the load for a small fee. Hire a beast of burden and carry only your lunch and water.

The most popular route down from the South Rim is the South Kaibab Trail, which is 11 km to the campground and Phantom Ranch on the Colorado River. The trail offers some of the most stunning vistas of the canyon. >> Full Story >>

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