Monday, November 14, 2005

Global Warming

Minnesota explorer brings notice to global warming
By Aidan M. Anderson

I’ll probably go down in history as seeing more lasts than firsts,” Minnesota native Will Steger said of his polar exploration career.

Steger has visited several ice shelves in his life that no longer exist.

The renowned polar explorer spoke on impending global meltdown Sunday at Cowles Auditorium. The problem of global warming goes deeper than simply losing the outdoor ice skating season, he said.

Steger called for a grassroots initiative to begin pursuing alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power. Hybrid vehicles are a good start he said, but the next step is to replace their fossil fuel element with biodiesel.

The government and media are partly to blame for misleading the public about facts surrounding global warming, he said.

But the science behind the theory is in, and the technology to do something about it is here, he said. >> Read Full Article >>