Thursday, November 03, 2005

Coyote Attack

Man attacked by coyote still hiking
By Lisa Gentes / Daily News Staff

NORTHBOROUGH -- Less than a month after he was attacked by a rabid coyote while hiking a nature trail, Northborough resident Arthur Cole is back walking in the woods.

Only he brings a walking stick for his nature treks and goes with a friend.

"I go with someone now other than my grandson...and I carry a walking stick now," Cole said from his Deacon Street home yesterday.

On Oct. 5, the 76-year-old grandfather had been walking a trail behind his home at the Birchwood Community Development with his 4-year-old grandson when a gray female coyote attacked. The youngster ran for help while Cole managed to hold down the rabid, 40-pound coyote, which was later killed by police. >> Full Story >>

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