Saturday, November 12, 2005

California Hiking

Can't see The Eagles? Take a hike!
Hiking made easy without huffing and puffing

By Dan Carlin
Desert Post Weekly

Where do I begin?” That’s the first question I’m frequently asked by people interested in discovering the outdoors in and around the Coachella Valley.

With literally hundreds of trails to tromp on between the spires of the San Jacintos in the west and the gnarled canyons of Mecca Hills in the east, where should a newcomer start getting to know the half-dozen different local hiking destinations?

The best thing is to start slow, with easy trails that will acquaint you with the terrain, climate and scenery of each place.

So here are seven time-tested, easy and accessible trails which will give newcomers and long-time residents alike an introduction to each of our wonderfully distinct wilderness areas.

They can serve as jumping off points for further explorations or as a sampler: to help you realize that you prefer pine trees to Joshua trees, views of Lake Hemet to views of the Salton Sea or cool breezes to the desert sun. >> Read more >>

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