Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Australia Hiking

"Great Walks" - New Backpacking Trails in Queensland, Australia

Queensland is not only known for the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. It also has lots of spectacular wilderness, waterfalls and national parks.

What some may not know is that it is also a exiting place for hiking and backpacking.
Queensland invested more than 10 million dollar (AUS) in a network of trail called the GreatWalks.

For the upcoming 2006 season, two new Great Walks will be opened. One of them is the 45 kilometer long "Great Walk Sunshine Coast Hinterland" north of Mapleton. The other is the "Great Walk Mackey Highlands" with a length of 50 kilometers. Both trails lead through ancient rainforests and offer unique flora and fauna.

For more information visit the web site of the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service.

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