Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wyoming Hiking

Man's love of mountains leads to guidebook

Bozeman Daily Chronicle

BOZEMAN, Mont. (AP) -- As a boy growing up near Rochester, N.Y., Thomas Turiano collected ski area maps and dreamed of carving lines down the great mountains of the West.

When he first arrived in Jackson Hole, Wyo., on a family vacation in 1980 his eyes were wide with fascination and utter awe at the mountain landscape that surrounded him. Deep down a feeling began to grow in Turiano, a feeling that would draw him back to the West and far into the mountain backcountry.

In 1985 he left home and arrived in Wyoming a very green 18-year-old with a desire to become a ski instructor at Jackson Hole, the tremendous pull of the mountains already taking hold on his life.

Nearly two decades later, Turiano's love of mountains and alpine adventure culminated with the publication of "Select Peaks Of Greater Yellowstone: A Mountaineering History & Guide."

"I was a tiny insignificant speck in a vast wilderness, yet the wind and sun on my face and the cold in my limbs lent substance to my existence," Turiano wrote of his early excursions into the alpine country.

Offering far more than the driving directions and route-finding information found in many alpine guidebooks, Select Peaks is a testament to Turiano's passion for the mountains. His exhaustive research details information on 107 peaks in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

The book explores the evolution of the Greater Yellowstone mountaineer from the earliest American Indians to the fur trappers and prospectors who explored the Absaroka, Teton and Wind River ranges long before heli-skiing and heated gondolas descended on the region.
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