Friday, October 28, 2005

The Last Trapper

New movie coming on November 4th:

The Last Trapper

“Real” trappers like Jack London do not exist anymore. There remains, however, one irreducible last soul who still abides by the old trapper philosophy of man living at one with nature.

This last trapper is called Norman.

Following Norman, his wife Nebraska and their dogs for a whole year in the far North, this film makes us walk in the footsteps of a real-life character and gives a rapturous insight into the battles and drama that are his daily lot, and the adventures of which his dogs are the main characters.

“The Last Trapper” is total immersion in an unique environment, a journey of initiation and a celebration of a way of life in perfect harmony with animals and nature.

The documentation "The Last Trapper" is directed by Nicolas Vanier.

This is what Stephanie Gold said about Vanier, who wrote a number of books all related to winter, ice, sled dogs and more....

Nicolas Vanier says, "I am neither an adventurer, a scientist, nor an explorer. I am simply a man in love with nature at its wildest and most beautiful." In these tales of his adventures across Labrador, Alaska, Siberia, and the Yukon, Vanier's love of the land and the people comes through as clearly and as piercingly exquisite as the photographs that accompany his prose. Traveling on horseback or pony sled, in a fishing boat or by dogsled, Vanier's stories celebrate a land and a life few make the effort to see. They make for dreamy armchair fodder when you're sitting by your fireplace, but may serve as catalysts as well, inspiring you to your own
journeys into the rare pleasures of the north. --Stephanie Gold

Special Tip:

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