Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hiking Knee Pain

Tips on how to spare your knees when hiking or backpacking

  • Get into shape. Loose those extra pounds (you wanted to get rid of them anyway, didn't you?) and stay fit. Strong muscles and less body weight will be beneficial, not only to you knees.
  • Reduce the weight of you backpack. Every gram/ounce matters. The lighter your equipment, the lesser pressure strain on your knees, especially when hiking downhill.
  • Use trekking poles. This is a proven way to reduce the compressive forces on your knees significantly. Using trekking poles will relieve your legs, knees, muscles and ligaments up to 52,200 pounds (19,483 kg) per hour. That’s the weight of 10 (!) pick-up trucks!
  • Get high quality hiking boots with proper shock absorption. Your knees will thank you. As an alternative you can upgrade existing boots with insoles. Look for rigid ones like "Superfeet" which are made of special foams, though enough for hiking trips.

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