Sunday, October 16, 2005

Bear Attacks

Bear Attacks - Lively discussion on new "defense methods" like bear fence and more

I remember my first backpacking trip in the Charlevoix Region (eastern Quebec) when we had five close range encounters with black bears on the six-day trip.

All bears fled immediately, except one. It was already getting dark when we heard a big animal breaking though the bush (at first we didn't know is it a moose or something else).

Well, it WAS a blacky. He was a really big one and he was angry about the disturbance.

All bears we saw on this hike fled as soon as they saw, heard or smelled us. But not this one. He stopped a stone-throw away, got on his hind legs and started huffing and puffing.

I answered with yelling at him and threw a few rocks in his direction. That didn't impress the bear at all. We slowly continued to follow the trail, that led out of the dense bush into a more open area with only a few trees.

We were lucky. The bear didn't see us as his evening snack and we could finish the hike as planned.


Today I came across a interesting discussion about bear predation that drew my attention. Especially after the relatively high number of bear attacks this season.

There are new methods, like a backpackable "bear fence" to make you sleep safe (and in peace). They seem to work fine.

If you're interested in that topic, I recommend to click here to read the article...