Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Mount Kangaru in Nepal : 7 French and 11 Nepalese mountaineers killed in avalanche

KATHMANDU — Seven French climbers and 11 Nepalese mountain guides were killed in a massive avalanche last week in the northwest of Nepal, the head of the Himalayan Rescue Association said Monday.

"All the team members of the French Mount Kangaru expedition have died," Bikram Neupane, president of the Himalayan Rescue Association, told reporters in the capital after he visited the site and talked to rescue teams.

The private association sent a 10-member rescue team to find survivors of the Oct 20 avalanche, Neupane said. The lead rescuer, Padam Ghale, told him that the snow depth precluded finding anyone alive.

"Because there was so much snow, it was impossible to find anyone," Neupane said. "Even the army couldn't find anything looking by helicopter." >> Full Story >>