Friday, September 30, 2005

Hiking Footwear Lightens Up

Hiking footwear lightens up
By Chris Shaffer, Special to the Daily News

The outdoor industry is constantly striving to design hiking shoes that offer the most comfortable, lightweight and sturdy boot available to outdoor adventurers. For the past several years, that trend is racing toward lightweight shoes.

Although there's still a need for heavy, durable boots, many hikers and manufactures are jumping on the bandwagon of creating light and fast hiking boots. Some question the durability, comfort and stability of these boots in adverse conditions, but they are guaranteed to treat you well anywhere in the mountains, hills and valleys of Southern California and on day hikes in the Sierra.

"The question is not one of advantage and disadvantage. It comes down to what the boots are going to be used for," says Peter Sachs, general manager of LOWA. "What kind of terrain, how heavy a pack, etc. A lightweight hiking boot will not work with a 40-pound pack. At the same time, a lightweight hiking boot is not needed for walking on the beaches of Southern California."
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