Thursday, September 29, 2005

Cleanup On The Worlds Highest Peaks

Korean climber to clean 14 highest peaks
By: Agencies

Kathmandu: A veteran South Korean mountaineer has launched a cleaning campaign in all the 14 top mountains of the world above 8,000 metres.

Han Wang-Yong, the eleventh summiteer in the world to conquer all the 14 top peaks, is currently busy scrubbing the areas around Mt Annapurna (8,091m), the 10th tallest peak in the world, Nepal Mountaineering Association sources said.

Concerned by the degrading environment in and around top mountains of the world, Han embarked on the ambitious cleaning campaign from the base camp of the Mt Everest (8,848m) and its surroundings in 2003.

Han has already cleaned the base camps of Mt Manaslu, Mt Dhaulagiri, and Mt K2 of Pakistan besides the Everest.

Out of a total 14 peaks above 8000 metres, eight lie in Nepal.

Mountaineers from Japan, Korea, France and Nepal have joined Han’s noble cleaning campaign.

“I led this cleaning campaign with a view to handing over the beauty of nature to the coming generations in its original form,” he said.

“I was deeply shocked over the littering of garbage along the trails and periphery of the peaks,” he said. His latest cleaning campaign which kicked off at Mt Annapurna yesterday, will continue till October 5.